Final Project 2nd Semester Batch 2021

28 April 2018

COMP6339 – Database Systems – Final Project Proposal

Salvus System

“A Pharmacy Management System Project”

A)             Project Description – Introduction to Pharmacy Management System Project

“Focus and simplicity…once you get there, you can move mountains.” Steve Jobs

In reality, when a certain thing is expanding its size, the detail of complexity of it grows in accordance to it. Hence, the focus of resource distribution will be disoriented due to the complexity. It is a real challenge to keep a certain thing attain its simplicity while it is expanding its size.


For example, let’s imagine of a medical store where one needs to handle the details of all the medicines listed in that stores manually. If it is on the smaller scale, it might not be a real issue. However, in a bigger scale, it will be on the whole new level where the wastefulness of critical resources to handle this kind of matter becomes a critical issue.


With that in mind, our group is currently trying to develop an efficient Pharmacy Management System where it can make the work easier by giving the details of the medicine when its name is entered. A solution which can be done with simplicity and such focus to save valuable resource.


B)        Project Scope

  • Project Goals – Our goal is to achieve a simple yet with an incredible focus Pharmacy Management System that can simplify works and maximize efficiency.
  • Deadline – Thursday, 7 June 2018



C)        Development Environment

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

D)       Developers’ Role Distribution

  • Excelino Noveda Alfa Fernando[1]Front-End Developer
  • Guntur Sandjaya[2]Back-End Developer
  • William Raharja[3]Back-End Developer

As one of the Back-End Developer of this project, William (myself) will handle the code debugging and details related to the classification of medicine, transaction, and also the prescription needed to buy of the proper medicine needed by one. William’s role are listed below:

  • The Investigator – Investigating and collecting all of the detail requirements needed to be the project framework of the system especially in a case when one need to buy certain medicine such as prescription, allergies, and also the classification of the medicine itself.
  • The Database Designer – Designing the database which needed for the project by using SQL Language with Guntur Sandjaya.
  • The Code Assessor –Assessing, debugging and making sure that the code runs well, efficient, and bug-less.


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