Final Project 3rd Semester 2018

11 November 2018

COMP6341 – Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction – Final Project Proposal

Chemical Escape

“Escape Room with Chemical Reactions!”

A)             Project Description – Introduction to Chemical Escape

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Chemical Escape is a game which challenge player in to find one’s way out by cracking the code of the doors provided with the help of chemical reactions as the hint for the respective password.


For example, let’s imagine of a series of rooms where one need to get out. Each room consist of several doors locked with pass code with chemical reaction. Such chemical reaction, e.g. HCl + NaOH –> NaCl + H2o means that the pass-code is 1111. Hints will be displayed only as a question, in which the player should make the reaction by oneself.


With that in mind, our group is currently trying to develop an efficient Escape Room Game where it can educate the player about chemical reactions that one will learn in senior high school.


B)        Project Scope

  • Project Goals – Our goal is to achieve a simple yet with an interactive education game that can simplify how chemical reactions work.
  • Deadline – Monday, 19 November 2018



C)        Development Environment

  • Construct 2

D)       Developers’ Role Distribution

  • WILLIAM RAHARJA – Front-End Developer

As one of the Front-End Developer of this project, William (myself) will handle the code debugging and details related to the template of the map and questions displayed for the game.

  • The Investigator – Investigating and collecting all of the detail requirements needed to be the project framework of the system especially in a case of consideration whether a question is too easy or too hard to be answered by player.
  • The Map Designer – Designing the map which needed for the project by using construct 2 with Arkaan and Fiolistya.
  • The Code Assessor –Assessing, debugging and making sure that the code runs well, efficient, and bug-less.
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