Final Project 3rd Semester 2018

11 November 2018

COMP6341 – Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction – Final Project Proposal

Chemical Escape

“Escape Room with Chemical Reactions!”

A)             Project Description – Introduction to Chemical Escape

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Chemical Escape is a game which challenge player in to find one’s way out by cracking the code of the doors provided with the help of chemical reactions as the hint for the respective password.


For example, let’s imagine of a series of rooms where one need to get out. Each room consist of several doors locked with pass code with chemical reaction. Such chemical reaction, e.g. HCl + NaOH –> NaCl + H2o means that the pass-code is 1111. Hints will be displayed only as a question, in which the player should make the reaction by oneself.


With that in mind, our group is currently trying to develop an efficient Escape Room Game where it can educate the player about chemical reactions that one will learn in senior high school.


B)        Project Scope

  • Project Goals – Our goal is to achieve a simple yet with an interactive education game that can simplify how chemical reactions work.
  • Deadline – Monday, 19 November 2018



C)        Development Environment

  • Construct 2

D)       Developers’ Role Distribution

  • WILLIAM RAHARJA – Front-End Developer

As one of the Front-End Developer of this project, William (myself) will handle the code debugging and details related to the template of the map and questions displayed for the game.

  • The Investigator – Investigating and collecting all of the detail requirements needed to be the project framework of the system especially in a case of consideration whether a question is too easy or too hard to be answered by player.
  • The Map Designer – Designing the map which needed for the project by using construct 2 with Arkaan and Fiolistya.
  • The Code Assessor –Assessing, debugging and making sure that the code runs well, efficient, and bug-less.
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Final Project 2nd Semester Batch 2021

28 April 2018

COMP6339 – Database Systems – Final Project Proposal

Salvus System

“A Pharmacy Management System Project”

A)             Project Description – Introduction to Pharmacy Management System Project

“Focus and simplicity…once you get there, you can move mountains.” Steve Jobs

In reality, when a certain thing is expanding its size, the detail of complexity of it grows in accordance to it. Hence, the focus of resource distribution will be disoriented due to the complexity. It is a real challenge to keep a certain thing attain its simplicity while it is expanding its size.


For example, let’s imagine of a medical store where one needs to handle the details of all the medicines listed in that stores manually. If it is on the smaller scale, it might not be a real issue. However, in a bigger scale, it will be on the whole new level where the wastefulness of critical resources to handle this kind of matter becomes a critical issue.


With that in mind, our group is currently trying to develop an efficient Pharmacy Management System where it can make the work easier by giving the details of the medicine when its name is entered. A solution which can be done with simplicity and such focus to save valuable resource.


B)        Project Scope

  • Project Goals – Our goal is to achieve a simple yet with an incredible focus Pharmacy Management System that can simplify works and maximize efficiency.
  • Deadline – Thursday, 7 June 2018



C)        Development Environment

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

D)       Developers’ Role Distribution

  • Excelino Noveda Alfa Fernando[1]Front-End Developer
  • Guntur Sandjaya[2]Back-End Developer
  • William Raharja[3]Back-End Developer

As one of the Back-End Developer of this project, William (myself) will handle the code debugging and details related to the classification of medicine, transaction, and also the prescription needed to buy of the proper medicine needed by one. William’s role are listed below:

  • The Investigator – Investigating and collecting all of the detail requirements needed to be the project framework of the system especially in a case when one need to buy certain medicine such as prescription, allergies, and also the classification of the medicine itself.
  • The Database Designer – Designing the database which needed for the project by using SQL Language with Guntur Sandjaya.
  • The Code Assessor –Assessing, debugging and making sure that the code runs well, efficient, and bug-less.


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Osteoporosis, Ostearthritis, or Hyperuricemia?

Majority of the people suffer from joint disease. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know the difference between these three common joint diseases, namely Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, and also Hyperuricemia, since their symptoms are alike. However, we can differentiate these diseases by conducting medical check-up.

First of all, let us learn a little bit about Osteoporosis, which came from two Greek words, namely osteo (meaning bone) and poros (meaning pore). Therefore, the word osteoporosis could be easily identified as porous bones. Osteoporosis itself is an age related disease where the strength of our bones to support our body weight decrease as we age. This condition increases the risk of a broken bone. Osteoporosis is hard to be detected. The most dangerous aspect from this disease is fracture, since debilitating chronic pain in the elderly caused by fractures can lead to early mortality and further disability. The most common osteoporotic fractures located at the wrist, spine, shoulder, and hip. This lead to vertebral collapse. The symptoms of vertebral collapse are sudden back pain with the loss of the nerve roots of the spinal canal below the lower end of spinal cord. When multiple fractures happen, it will lead to stooped posture, loss of height, and chronic pain. As the result, it will reduce the mobility of our body.

After we learn about Osteoporosis, let us take a look at Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a joint disease which that was caused by the breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone. The most common symptoms for Osteoarthritis are joint pain and stiffness. There are some risk factors of Osteoarthritis, such as age, body weight, genetic disorder, and the frequency of exercise. The chance is increasing not only as people age, but also for people who have excessive body weight. There are also people who have genetic disorders with deformed legs or knees, although their age is under 50 years old. The frequency of exercise also influences the chance of person to suffer from Osteoarthritis. People who exercise infrequently have higher chance to suffer this kind of disease, which leads to obesity. Thus this makes people become sloth, which cause people to gain more weight. This results in increased join stress, followed by cartilage deterioration, and finally, the inflammation of synovial membrane.

And now we come to the last disease, namely hyperuricemia. Hyperuricemia can be defined as an abnormality high level of uric acid in the blood, which cause pain in joints that occur from joint inflammation (gout). Uric acid itself is a ring structure which consist of four compounds, such as Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen with the formula C5H4N4O3. There are many factors that play a role to cause hyperuricemia, such as genetics, insulin resistance, obesity, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is very important to realize that alcohol consumption is the most important factors.

To sum up, these three kinds of disease symptoms are alike, and after learning which factors cause them, we can now prevent it before it happens to us. In fact, all of these three diseases have one similar factor that potentially caused them, namely excessive body weight. In order to prevent them, we suggest to exercise frequently, or even do some sports. Experts recommend that the best sport’s type to prevent these kinds of diseases are cycling and swimming. These kinds of sports will reinforce our feet without giving additional burden to the feet itself. Hence, after we cycling or swimming for two months, our feet is able to support our body weight more.

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Foot, The Foundation of Body and Lives

So far most people will think that the most important parts of our body are internal organs such as brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and liver. However, have you ever imagined what will happen if you have a perfect body without feet? Your life would be extremely difficult . You would not be able to even move yourself even in a short distance, which lead to the disruption of other activities.

Let´s discuss about the role of foot in our lives. First of all, your feet support most of your movement activities either you run, walk, stand, or even jump. The role of your feet is not only to support your body weight so that your body posture is balance enough to keep your body not to fall, but also to adapt at different terrains. These conditions can be achieved with a fully functional feet, but what happen if people have feet abnormalities? There are feet abnormalities such as flat feet, high arched feet, and club feet. Now let’s take a look at flat feet. People who suffer from this type of foot abnormality will have the entire sole of feet contact almost completely to the ground. This caused people can’t adapt to many terrain and won’t be able too walk at long distances. This kind of abnormality is common in infants due to ”baby fat” which masks the developing arch.

Moreover, feet have aesthetic functions too. People who works as fashion model have to keep their feet beauty at good shape. By keeping their feet at their best state, fashion models will be able to build up their confidence.

To sum up, I would say that feet are the foundation of body and lives for it’s support of body weight and also it’s aesthetic functions. Therefore I would recommend that it’s important to consult your children as soon as possible since it’s better to prevent than to cure a disease itself. In case that your children is diagnosed with feet disorder, you could prevent more damaged earlier.

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